Unclaimed Veteran's Cremains

NSUSD 1812 Wyoming Chapters are undertaking the task of identifying and providing a proper burial for the unclaimed remains of veterans currently kept at local funeral homes.

STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES!  This project is just getting off the ground.


Janisue Rigel

Wyoming State President

Barbara Bentzin

State 3rd Vice President

Mary White Thompson

Wyoming State Chaplain

Cindy Broderick

State Treasurer

Dianne Taylor-Kebodeaux

State Librarian

Donna Weaver

State Historian

Tammy Mansfield

State 1st Vice President

Virginia "Geni" Holmes

State 4th Vice President

Susan Haines

State Corresponding Secretary

Davena Liepman

State Co-Registrar

Deborah Kelley

State Co-Curator

Rosalind Grenfell

State Long-Range Planning

Ashley Naumann

State 2nd Vice President

Rebecca Feaster

State 5th Vice President

Jeanette Hursman

State Recording Secretary

Tammy Mansfield

State Co-Registrar

Andyrea Mahon

State Co-Curator

Rosalind Grenfell

State Parliamentarian


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